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Is Something Not Quite Right with Your Senior?

By Amy Felman

As a family caregiver, there may be times when something feels off when you're talking to your elderly family member or when you visit her. Being able to spot what those little clues might mean can help you to help her.

The House and the Yard Need Some Attention

One of the biggest signals for you as your elderly family member's caregiver can be that her house and yard don't look the same as they have. They may need some extra maintenance or your senior's living space may be far more cluttered than it ever has been in the past. Check to make sure that all of the appliances in your senior's home work properly, since that can be a major source of problems for her. Clutter in particular can be dangerous because it can be a tripping hazard and it can keep emergency assistance from getting to your senior in time.

Groceries Are a Problem

If your elderly family member isn't able to go to the grocery store for one reason or another, this can seriously hamper her ability to eat healthy meals every day. Do a quick check of your elderly family member's pantry, fridge, and freezer on a regular basis. Talk to her about whether grocery shopping is difficult for her or if it's something that she really dislikes doing. It's possible that you or someone else can take over that task for her.

Her Hygiene Is Suffering

Some caregivers find that their elderly family member looks a little different, but they're not sure how exactly. Your senior might not be showering as often as she once was or she might be having trouble getting dressed. Body odor can be a very strong sign that your elderly family member's hygiene might be difficult for her to manage on her own.

Her Mood or Her Energy Are Low

When you visit with your elderly family member, pay attention to whether she seems to consistently have a decent amount of energy. If she's always tired or always feeling down, then that may be an indication that you or her doctor need to look deeper into what is going on with her. It's also possible that your elderly family member is feeling a sense of loss from growing older. Talking with a counselor or therapist can help her to work through those feelings.

Once you know what it is about your senior's situation that doesn't feel quite right to you, you can set about getting help for her much more effectively. You might need to talk to her doctor, hire some elderly care providers, or simply rethink how involved you are as her primary caregiver.

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