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What Do You Still Need to Learn about Taking Respite Time?

By Amy Felman

Some caregivers take a while to embrace respite time and that can stem from having some misconceptions about what respite is and how it serves the caregiving journey. Here's some information that can help.

There Are Different Levels of Respite

Respite comes in a lot of different forms and shapes. Some of those shapes could include you taking a week or two to go on vacation. Others could be the half hour that you use to read in the morning before your elderly family member wakes up. Or you might take respite in the form of having an afternoon just for yourself. The best way to take respite is to mix and match these different shapes until they meet your needs.

It's about You and What You Enjoy

Taking time for respite might feel like a great time to get caught up on paperwork for your senior or run errands, but that's a misuse of that time. Respite is for you to do what you enjoy and what gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. The beauty and the magic of respite time is that it allows you to refill your cup so that you can continue to give to others.

Taking Respite Doesn't Make You a Bad Caregiver

Sometimes caregivers feel as if the time that they're not spending actively caring for their loved one is time that is wasted. This is not true at all and there's nothing about taking respite time that makes you a bad or neglectful caregiver. In fact, it ensures that you're able to continue to be the caregiver you want to be.

Caregiving Is Secondary to Respite

When you do finally take some time for respite, you can't go running back for every little problem. Putting experienced care support in place, especially in the form of senior care providers, ensures that they can handle anything that crops up. You can go back on the clock when you're due to and not before.

Respite Gives You a Chance to Rediscover Yourself

It's easy as a caregiver to forget what you enjoy doing and what it is that lights you up. You're spending so much time helping someone else that your own needs and wants fall way down the priority list. Taking respite time allows you to rediscover that which you love.

Respite can mean different things to different caregivers, but it always means that you're taking care of yourself so that you can continue to be a caregiver. If you're still having a difficult time embracing respite time, keep trying.

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