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Does Your Senior Have Some of These Eye Symptoms?

By Amy Felman

National Eye Exam Month occurs every August and it's a great reminder to be on the lookout for these symptoms of potential eye difficulties in your elderly family member.

Blurry Vision, Even with Corrective Lenses

If your elderly family member's vision changes, she's likely to experience blurry or altered vision. If she already wears corrective lenses, though, she may be startled to find that even with her glasses or contacts she has trouble seeing clearly. The problem may be something that is temporary, such as changes to blood sugar levels, or it could be a change to her vision itself.

Sudden Light Sensitivity

Lots of people are sensitive to light. But if your senior develops sudden sensitivity to light, that could be a sign that there's more going on. It's a good idea to have her eyes checked as soon as possible to determine if further health interventions are necessary.

Red or Burning Eyes

Eyes that are red, bloodshot, or burning could be a sign that your senior has sustained some sort of physical injury to her eye. These symptoms could also be an indication that your elderly family member has gotten something in her eyes that has caused irritation. Sudden onset could mean that your elderly family member needs immediate help.

Watery Eyes

Your senior's eyes might start to water for a variety of different reasons. If you're already familiar with the possible cause for her watery eyes, this might not be a huge symptom to you. But because of the fact that there are so very many potential causes, it's still a good idea to alert her eye doctor to what you're noticing.

Missing or Black Spots in Her Field of Vision

Floaters, or missing spots in the field of vision, can be pretty common. These usually aren't a sign of problems with your elderly family member's vision, but prolonged floaters or starting to notice a shadow or black spot obscuring her vision can be. There are a number of situations that can create this symptom, including a detaching retina, so it's vital to have an exam right away.

Eye Pain

Where pain occurs matters a lot when it comes to your senior's eyes. If the pain is sudden or if she has experienced an injury of any type that can be your indication that something really needs to be examined. Contact your aging adult's eye doctor right away.

If you're still trying to help your elderly family member to determine what might be going on with her eyes, she might benefit from some extra help. Elderly care providers can help her handle whatever tasks she might need assistance with and they can provide companionship, too.

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