Client Review

Client Review 

"I would say that Home Helpers is reliable, kind, willing to do what needs to be done, and it’s a good value for the money paid." 

Debra     ~October 2017 

"Home Helpers communicates everything that needs to be communicated like the details of things that I need. They are responsive about changes in the schedule that I make, they are timely in their communication, and are knowledgeable." 

 Don       ~October 2017 

"Home Helpers makes my life easier because I don’t have to worry about my wife for the few hours they are here." 

Dennis     ~November 2017 

"It relieves some of my caregiver duties so that I’m able to do other things that I want to do, like babysitting my grandchildren and getting exercise or taking care of myself."

 Anne      ~February 2018 

"I like using them because they are reliable and provide excellent care." 

 Mary     ~April 2018 

"They are very personable with the client. They have made life easier by allowing the client to remain independent in their home while I can keep working." 

 Jo           ~June 2018

"My mother likes them, and that’s really important. They communicate well with her and make her feel comfortable."

 Alice       ~ June 2018 

"Having someone there physically for a few hours is good because it helps her interact with others. They show up on time, they work, and they are available during the whole scheduled time. They are attentive to my mother’s needs. They follow the guidance that we have provided to meet her needs". 

Susan     ~July 2018 

"They call us whenever something is a little different or if they have a question. They leave good notes."

 Alice      ~December 2018 

"The services have made a tremendous difference. I know that my mother is being taken care of while I’m at work. I’m able to continue my career." 

Susan     ~February 2019