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How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Spot Potential Causes for Her Insomnia

By Erin Carll

Being unable to sleep when she wants to can be a real problem for your elderly loved one. Insomnia can show itself in a variety of different ways, but the end result is that your loved one winds up feeling sleep deprived.

Stress or Depression

Depression and stress can both keep your loved one from sleeping as well as she should or could. They might show up separately or together, so it can be difficult to spot them. Sit down with your loved one and talk about what signals she knows as her signs that she's under stress or that she's depressed. Then you can work together to determine if she's currently feeling those and what the cause might be. If you suspect depression, talk with her doctor as well.

Health Conditions or Problems

Health problems are a frequent cause of lost sleep. Your loved one could be worrying about her health or she might be kept awake due to pain or discomfort. Regardless of the immediate cause, it's important to identify the underlying cause so that you can resolve it as best as possible. Work with your loved one's doctor to identify possible issues and their solutions.

Medication Side Effects

Sometimes the medication that helps your elderly loved one avoid health-related insomnia can have their own side effects that cause issues with sleeping. Your loved one's doctor can look at the issues your loved one is having and work out a solution that might include switching the medication or adjusting the dosage for your loved one.

A Combination of Other Sleep Problems

Insomnia is a sleep problem, of course, but it can also be a catch all term for a lot of other sleep problems. Your loved one might have issues with her circadian rhythm or she might have sleep apnea that keeps her awake. If you can identify these other sleep problems, solving them can take care of the insomnia as well. If you're not sure what other sleep problems your loved one might have, it's time for her doctor to take a more thorough look.

Hiring elder care providers can give you and your elderly loved one another set of eyes and ears to help solve this mystery. They've got experience helping elderly loved ones spot potential issues.

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