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Caregivers of the Month

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Each month our Office Staff selects a Caregiver of the Month who exemplifies the values that Home Helpers stands for – Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. It is always a difficult choice because we have so many compassionate and caring team members. Below we present to you our Caregivers of the Month who have gone above and beyond for their clients.

In addition, we had two Caregivers recognized among the Top 20 Home Helpers Exceptional Caregivers of the Year in 2019 – the only office of 300 nationwide to have two caregivers in the top 20.

Caregiver of Month - Michelle C.

January 2023


We are thrilled to announce that Michelle C is our Caregiver of the month! Michelle has been with Home Helpers for less than a year but has proven herself to be a valuable and caring member of our team as she is very reliable and dependable.

Michelle also works as a hospice aide and really likes the personal one-on-one care she can provide to clients. Her goal is to improve their quality of life. She commented that it is very rewarding when clients improve.

She says patience and knowing what makes clients happy are key. She knows which clients like donuts or flowers and likes to surprise them. She enjoys getting to know the families as well.

Family is very important to her and she loves to spend time with her family; especially her son and her two grandchildren..

Caregiver of Month – Lily P.

December 2022


We are thrilled to announce that Lily P. is our Caregiver of the month! Although Lily has only been with Home Helpers since March, she stands out for her dedication to her clients. In fact, she is so dedicated that she often walks to her shifts if she can't get a ride.

Lily has been a caregiver since 2000. She enjoys working with people and doing what is good for them. She always treats clients as if they were her family and feels it's always important to be honest with them.

She imagines some of the clients are nervous or a bit anxious just like perhaps a preschooler would be on their first day of school away from their mom. She just reassures them and offers them comfort and loving care.

Outside of work Lily loves to garden. In the warmer months she grows both flowers and vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers as well as herbs.

Please join us in congratulating Lily!

Caregiver of Month – Julia G.

November 2022


We are excited to share that Julia G. is our Caregiver of the month. Julia is a returning caregiver and we are glad that she is back and she is happy to be back too!

Julia treats her clients how she would want to be treated. She imagines how she would feel if she was older and needed help. It is important to her to make the client and the family very comfortable. She tries hard to explain everything to the family and always keeps them informed as to what she is doing next. She offers to give the family privacy if they are visiting the client and wants to give everyone respect. She likes to talk with the client as she learns a lot about them and it also helps improve her English skills.

Outside of work she enjoys yoga and stretching. Reading books and doing large puzzles are enjoyable too. She loves listening to music, especially upbeat and motivational music. The music, especially while driving, inspires her to have a positive outlook.

Thank you Julia and congratulations.

Caregiver of Month – Noah L.

October 2022


Join us in congratulating Noah L. who is our Caregiver of the month. Noah has been with Home Helpers for a little over 2 years.

Noah says it is rewarding and he feels good helping clients be more comfortable. He enjoys helping them. Noah credits his daily practice of gratefulness to help him stay positive. He knows that if he is positive and upbeat it will translate to his clients. His tip for other caregivers is to be positive and not let any negative moods by a client get you down.

Noah is also a yoga teacher and practicing yoga helps him to stay balanced. Noah is recently engaged and hopes to get married early next year.

Thank you Noah and congratulations.

Caregiver of Month - Julie N.

September 2022

Photo of a white flower with a brick back drop

We are happy to announce that Julie N. is our Caregiver of the month!

Julie has been part of our Home Helpers team for 7 years. She was originally an accountant but after being the caregiver for several family members for 10 years she has stayed in this field. She likes the flexibility and caring for various clients.

Her tip to others is to really listen to the client. They want to be heard. She always asks clients, "What do you want to do/eat?". It's important to remember that it is their home and you are there just to support them and safely care for them.

Julie is an avid gardener (see photo of one of her four clematis vines) which she finds relaxing. It connects her with her late mom who also was a gardener. She enjoys DIY projects. Ask her sometime about the fence she rebuilt one piece at a time! Genealogy is another interest of her.

Join us in congratulating Julie on this recognition.

Caregiver of Month - Donna H.

August 2022

Photo of Donna

Join us in congratulating Donna H. on being selected as our Caregiver of the month. Donna joined the Home Helpers team 4 years ago and really enjoys what she does.

Donna has a key interest in the brain and how it works. She spends many evenings reading and learning about it and interacting with other caregivers online. Her goal is to provide better care for her patients with dementia.

Her caregiving tip is to really listen to the client and also read between the lines. Ask a lot of questions; especially about what they liked to do (or eat) in the past. Find something you can connect with them about. Donna shared the story about discovering a client loved the artist Norman Rockwell. Donna had been to his studio. Each afternoon from that day they read together and looked through his book. It meant so much to the client and to the family that after the client passed they gave the book to Donna as a thank you and remembrance.

Donna is an amateur radio or ham radio operator and had to learn morse code to get certified. She also likes to read mystery books and crochet. She estimates she had made about 50 Afghan blankets over the years.

Congratulations again to Donna!

Caregiver of Month - Carmella P.

July 2022

Photo of Carmella

Join us in congratulating Carmella P. who was selected as our Caregiver of the month. Carmella has been with Home Helpers for just over 1 year, though was a caregiver for many years with another agency which closed. She likes helping older adults as she loves hearing their stories and acquiring their wisdom.

Carmella loves to listen and encourages clients to share their stories. Her tip is to be open and friendly. If a client seems to be having a difficult day, do not shut them out but remind them you are here for them.

Outside of work, Carmella enjoys baking; especially with her daughter. She loves making Pizzelle, which is an Italian Christmas wafer treat. She also likes to make and decorate cakes and of course is happy to taste test them too!

Thank you Carmella and congratulations.

Caregiver of the month- Aurelija D.

June 2022

Photo of Aurelija

Join us in congratulating Aurelija D. who is our Caregiver of the month. Two main reasons she was nominated was because of her dependability and reliability.

Aurelija has been a caregiver for 30 years, the past 8 years with Home Helpers. She says over the years she has learned so much and it has become easier. She also says she has become more patient and learns a lot from her clients too. The key she says is listening and trying to understand the clients as each one is different. She sometimes asks the family of any likes or dislikes and is willing to change and try to do things differently if they prefer.

Another suggestion she offers is to not think of the patient in their current state if they are frail or have challenges. Perhaps look at old photos of them when they were more active and think of them when they were able to get dressed and get around more.

She enjoys helping clients by making their every day tasks easier. She is happy to please them. She finds great satisfaction and it is meaningful to her that she is able to help them with their needs.

Aurelija attended music school and is a trained vocalist. She sings with her church choir as well as the Lithuanian Opera in Chicago. Music makes her happy. She also tries to stay active. Her goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day. She stopped swimming during the pandemic but hopes to get back to the pool when things are better.

Thank you Aurelija and congratulations.

Caregiver of the month- Monica L.

May 2022Monica May 2022 Caregiver of the Month

Congratulations to Monica who just started in February and has been selected as our Caregiver of the month.

Monica previously worked for about 5 years as a hospice aid so she brings her compassion and caring skills to our clients. She came to Home Helpers to have more of a relationship with the clients.

Care Manager Alicia Smith praised Monica for her willingness to pick up extra shifts if needed. She complimented her for being dependable and reliable. Several families have mentioned she is kind and compassionate.

Outside of work, she loves playing with her 2 year old grandson. Now that the weather is getting warmer, she is looking forward to playing outside with him and going on walks. Watching the Hallmark channel brings her a lot of joy too.

Join us in congratulating Monica.

Caregiver of the month- Catherine A.

APRIL 2022Yellow Flowers in Field

Catherine A. has only been with us for six months but has already received praise for her care. We are proud to announce she is our Caregiver of the month.

Catherine asked us to share a photo of these pretty yellow tulips instead of her photo in hopes it will bring you a smile knowing Spring is here.

Catherine is an upbeat person who really enjoys helping her clients remain independent in their own space. She is satisfied knowing that they are pleased with her. Her tip to others is to really observe the clients. See what touches their heart and their likes/dislikes and assess how best to care and love them. Every client is different. Her favorite quote is from St. Paul the Apostle, "we should never grow tired of doing what is right."

Outside of work, Catherine loves to go to church on Sundays. It re-energizes and renews her so she can bring love and caring back to her clients. She also finds the library to be a special place as it is very peaceful. She enjoys reading history books and self-help books.

Please join us in congratulating Catherine.

Caregiver of the month- Carole C.

February 2022Carole C. Feb 2022 Caregiver of the Month

Carole C., who is celebrating 11 years with Home Helpers, is our Caregiver of the month. Congratulations to Carole!

Carole mainly provides live-in care. She likes to be part of the client's family knowing though sometimes it may take some time to develop the relationship. She says she tries hard to put her best foot forward and really pays attention to the needs of the client. With her current client, she likes to take walks with him in the nature path when the weather is nice.

Outside of work, she also enjoys walking and swimming for exercise. Painting is one of her hobbies. She also loves a good fish fry on Friday nights.

Thank you Carole and congratulations.

Caregiver of the month- LaToya G.

JANUARY 2022Latoya G January 2022 Caregiver of the Month

Congratulations to LaToya G. who we are recognizing as our Caregiver of the month.

Words of praise from a client illustrates why LaToya was chosen this month.

  • "She is respectful, professional, warm, caring, compassionate and possesses excellent communication skills. She is respectful and polite and courteous to me and to my spouse.
  • She pays very close attention to details and is especially conscientious about any changes, dryness, etc. regarding my skin.
  • She is a skilled caregiver who performs tasks well... And it's not just what she does but the caring and compassionate way in which she carries out those responsibilities.
  • She has a strong work ethic that matches her strong personal code of ethics."

LaToya has been with Home Helpers since 2017 and says she treats all clients as she would want to be treated if she were the client herself. She starts each shift with an open heart and open mind. Her suggestion for others is to respect the client and their home and really pay attention and listen to what they want and need. And then adapt around this and offer suggestions on how things may be better for them.

LaToya loves to cook and is known for her jerk egg rolls. She loves watching comedy movies and listens and enjoys all types of music from country to jazz to opera.

Congratulations to LaToya.

Caregiver of the month- Yesenia N.

december 2021

Congratulations to Yesenia N. who is this month's Caregiver of the Month. We are thrilled Yesenia has returned again to Home Helpers! Her traits as being compassionate, patient and nurturing is just what we love in our Caregivers.

Yesenia says she loves the personal and genuine interaction with her clients. She enjoys listening to their stories and looking at photo albums with them.

She strives to keep the holidays a happy time to honor her late mom. Her favorite holiday movies are the Santa Clause series with Tim Allen. Her wish for 2022 is to travel again and also visit her grandmother in Mexico.

Thank you Yesenia and congratulations. We hope all your wishes come true!

Caregiver of the month- LATRICE W.

november 2021

Congratulations to Latrice W. who is our Caregiver of the Month. We are thrilled to have Latrice return to Home Helpers as her bubbly personality and energy was missed.

Latrice enjoys the flexibility of her schedule as she is also a hairdresser too. She feels good about caring for her clients and feels a sense of love for caregiving. She said that caregiving keeps her grounded and humbled as it's not about her ... it's all about the client. Her tip is to always ask the clients what they want and really assess the situation.

She really likes and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters. She is looking forward to Christmas and is excited to put up her tree and lights as soon as she can.

Latrice was super honored and excited to be selected. Please join us in congratulating Latrice.

Caregiver of the month- Tawaiian L.

october 2021

Congratulations to Tawaiian L. who is our Caregiver of the Month. Tawaiian has had her CNA certification for the past 11 years and previously worked at facilities. She joined Home Helpers in August of 2020 and enjoys working one-on-one with clients in their homes. She feels it is important for clients to be able to remain in their homes as long as possible and is happy to help them do that.

One rule Tawaiian lives by is to treat everyone as a human. Treat the client as you would want someone to treat your parent or grandparent.

She admits she is addicted to Netflix binge watching. She loves mystery and suspense movies and shows. She is also an avid reader and has a book with her wherever she goes.

She is glad she made the switch to home care and we are too. Congratulations to Tawaiian on this recognition.

Caregiver of the month- Ruth S.

September 2021ruth

Congratulations to Ruth S. who is our Caregiver of the Month. Also congratulations to Ruth who just earned her Bachelors degree and has recently started to work on her Masters degree. She is proud and so are we especially as she is 72 years young!

Ruth joined Home Helpers two years ago after taking care of her mother. She had most recently worked in office jobs for over 25 years.

She has found caregiving very rewarding. The job requires empathy and compassion. She knows that sometimes the client can have a hard day and she just evaluates each day on best way to interreact. She respects the client and wants to make them happy. She also takes pride in supporting the family members too. She likes to be punctual so allows plenty of time to travel to the client's home in case there is traffic.

Outside of work and taking classes, she enjoys swimming, reading and going to the movies. She currently also cares for her sister too.

Thank you Ruth and congratulations.

Caregiver of the month- JEANETTE A.

August 2021 Jeanette

Congratulations to Jeanette A who is our Caregiver of the Month.

Jeanette started with Home Helpers five years ago. She had been taking care of her grandmother and realized that caregiving was very natural for her. We are thrilled to have her.

She says having an open heart and patience are two key attributes in caring for clients. Many have issues that they cannot control and one just needs to remember that.

One client's family recently wrote and confirmed this by sharing "we cannot sing Jeanette's praises enough." They added, "she is a very qualified and caring person and it brought great relief to us knowing our mother was in capable hands."

Jeanette says she is very proud and happy to work for Home Helpers and feels it is a great company. We love hearing that.

Outside of work, Jeanette loves to spend time with her family. Two of her favorite activities are taking the kids to the Brookfield Zoo and Museum of Science and Industry.

Congratulations again to Jeannette.

Caregiver of the month- RACHEDA Y.

July 2021 Racheda

Congratulations to Racheda Y. who is our Caregiver of the Month.

Racheda heard about Home Helpers through her daughter who is a nurse. She has been working for us for 6 years.

Her favorite part of her job is knowing she is helping her clients maintain their independence and being their companion so they are not lonely. She enjoys doing housework and helping them shower as she knows the clients then feel better about their home and their hygiene.

She encourages clients to eat healthy food as she knows it is important.

Outside of work Racheda likes to travel.

Caregiver of the month- Melody M.

June 2021 grace hh

Congratulations to Melody M. who is our Caregiver of the Month.

Melody joined Home Helpers about a year and a half ago and is grateful to be part of the team. She has a compassionate heart and really enjoys making a difference at work rather than just spinning wheels.

She has a very special client and they bond together well. Melody says it is more than just a work relationship; they are friends now. They enjoy talking history and old movies and also listen to big band music. Each Sunday she cooks her client a special meal that the client has requested. Her tip is to let the client know they are loved and cared for.

Outside of work Melody enjoys going on date nights with her amazing husband. A favorite outing would be to their favorite Mediterranean restaurant.

Thank you Melody and congratulations.

Caregiver of the month- Mary S.

May 2021

grace hh

Congratulations to Mary S. who is our Caregiver of the Month.

Although Mary has only been with Home Helpers about 18 months, the caring and compassion traits have been with her for a long time. After retiring as a social worker for the State of Illinois, Mary provided caregiving for friends and relatives.

She loves being a companion and especially helping older adults. She says she learns from them and it keeps her active and busy too.

She is glad she connected with Home Helpers as it's a great organization.

Now that Covid is getting under control, she is looking forward to spending more time with her family and friends. She loves bowling and playing cards and is very active in many capacities with her church.

Congratulations to Mary. We're glad you are on our team.

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