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Are You Finding it Difficult to Communicate with Other Family Members?

By Ketan Shah

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One difficult part of being a family caregiver can be talking with other family members about care decisions. Sometimes that doesn't go as well as you'd like it to go.

Family Dynamics Can Be Difficult without Worry about a Loved One

Every family has different dynamics and different grudges that may have been held for decades. Working through those issues could be something that everyone has agreed can't happen. When you add in worry about a loved one's health and care, the situation can become even more volatile.

Look at How You Phrase Your Communications

Sometimes it's not what you say, but rather how you say it. When you tell someone else that they're making you feel frustrated or angry, it can come across as an accusatory statement when you're simply trying to share how you feel. Use "I" statements instead. Saying "I am angry" or "I am frustrated" lets the person know that you're not blaming them, you're expressing your own emotions.

Make it a Point to Respect Everyone's Feelings and Opinions, Even if You Disagree

You won't agree with everyone all the time, but that doesn't mean that you need to be disrespectful to the people involved. Talk to the feelings or to the situation rather than allowing the conversation to devolve into personal insults or statements that you know will be hurtful. There's a way to be truthful without deliberately causing harm.

Avoid Beating Around the Bush

Talking with other family members about your elderly loved one's health can be complicated, but if you beat around the bush about it, you'll find it even more difficult. Be direct and specific rather than vague. You've been caring for your elderly loved one, but others may need the situation spelled out for them.

Remember to Truly Listen

When your other family members express concern about a potential decision, such as hiring home care providers, really listen to their objections. You can counter with why hiring home care providers is the right decision, but it's important for everyone to be heard. If everyone is shouting and arguing, no one will get to the root of why they feel how they do about the decision.

If communication is still difficult, consider working with a mediator to help smooth things over.

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