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What Are the Best Ways to Solve Privacy Issues When You Live with Your Elderly Loved One?

By Ketan Shah

Elderly Care in Cupertino CA

There are different levels of privacy that you might encounter as a caregiver. There's the physical privacy that adults need, of course, but there's also emotional privacy that can become an issue.

Mark Out Your Spaces

Privacy and space don't just mean that you and your loved one each have a corner of a bedroom. You'll need space in which to sleep, to read, and to live. If the home that you're sharing with your loved one doesn't accommodate space for each of you just yet, consider making home improvements to bump up privacy for both of you. Consider safety along with privacy, however. If your loved one really shouldn't have locks on her doors, then you may need to remove them.

Set up Some House Rules

Everyone who lives with someone else adheres to a set of house rules, whether those rules have been talked about out loud or not. Save yourself and your loved one significant hassle and work together to come up with a set of house rules. This might involve when you'll spend time together as a group, how the television will be used, and other issues that might pose a conflict at some point. Keep in mind that your loved one's overall health may cause these rules to change over time.

Enforce Your Boundaries

Boundaries can be a sticky issue for caregivers because they can feel as though they need to give up everything in order to properly care for their loved ones. This isn't the case, however, and fudging on your own boundaries is more likely to cause you problems than it is to help your loved one. If you have a weekly lunch with friends, keep that date. Talk to other family members about staying with your loved one or enlist the help of elderly care providers for the afternoon. You have to continue living your own life.

Solve Situations as They Pop Up

As your loved one's health changes, this can cause other situations to pop up. Your loved one's medications may change, for example, which can cause new and troubling side effects. If you're solving those problems as they occur, you can actually help to avoid feeling as though you're invading your loved one's privacy.

Revisit your situation regularly to make sure that the solutions you put in place continue to work for everyone involved.

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