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Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors Inside the Home

By Ketan Shah

Elder Care in Cupertino CA

Crime is on the rise in many parts of our country and, sadly, some criminals target elderly people, and in the very place they should feel safest—their home!

Despite this, there are precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk of being a crime victim in their home. As the person providing elder care, you may want to consider these suggestions and tips.

  • The doors, windows and locks should be of good quality. You may also want to remind your loved one to check the locks before going to bed, or leaving the house, to make sure they are indeed locked. Long gone are the days when doors and windows can be left unlocked. If remembering to lock them might be a challenge, consider posting notes by the doors to lock them when leaving and returning home. Some thieves are so emboldened that they will enter an unsecure home even when the occupant is at home. So even if taking a nap midday, it might be a good idea for them to lock up.
  • Peep holes and door chains are a good idea. A peep hole lets your loved one see who is at the door without having to open it, while a door chain allows them to open to door only a small degree to see who is there.
  • Another great precaution, if it can be afforded, is a security system. There are many different ones on the market today. Some are do-it-yourselfers, where they are connected to the doors and/or windows and sound an audible alarm if someone tries to enter. More sophisticated systems are tied in with a security company or the local police/fire departments. These systems are generally monitored 24/7.
  • Motion sensitive lighting can be installed outside. If someone walks past it, the light comes on, hopefully distracting a would-be thief.
  • Closed circuit cameras can be installed at entry points and then linked to a TV screen or computer monitor so you or your loved one can see what’s going on at any time. This also keeps your loved one from having to open the door to see who is there.
  • Other simple things they can do include: Don’t leave a spare key outside where a thief could find it. Instead, consider leaving one with a family member, neighbor, or friend; if someone claims to be from the utility or delivery company, your loved one should ask to see their ID before opening the door. If still not sure, they can call the company the person claims to be from to verify their identity, but look the number up rather than using one they may give you; don’t keep large amounts of cash in the house; mark all valuables with your name and special code, never your Social Security number; keep your Social Security card locked away in a lockbox to protect your identity; always keep a phone near you and charged up.


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