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Do You Need a New Car to Care for Your Parent?

By Ketan Shah

Home Care in Sunnyvale CA

As a family caregiver, particularly if you are a caregiver in the sandwich generation balancing the needs of your aging parent and those of your children, you are likely to spend a considerable amount of time in your vehicle. This is what gets you to and from your parent's home, your children's school, work, and all of the other places that you have to go in order to fulfill their needs on a daily basis. Because of the importance of this vehicle you want to know that it has the features that you need it to in order for it to be accessible, reliable, and functional for everyone involved. This means that as your needs change, your vehicle might need to change as well.

Some things to keep in mind when considering the type of vehicle that would be most appropriate for keeping up with your caregiver needs include:

• Accessibility. It is difficult for you to fulfill your caregiver needs in a vehicle that your parent cannot easily get into and out of. Look for a vehicle that offers doors that open wide enough for your parent to comfortably move through them, as well as seats that are at a level easy for your parent to maneuver onto. You can consider utilizing a ramp or leverage bar to help make this process easier.

• Cargo. If your parent uses a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or a scooter, you will need to have enough space in the vehicle to comfortably accommodate this device without it putting anyone in the vehicle in danger. Consider all of the items that you might need to carry at any given point, such as your children's sports equipment or groceries along with the mobility device to determine if there is enough storage space in the vehicle.

• Reliability. Some vehicles are simply more reliable than others. With all of the important tasks and people relying on you and your vehicle, you want to know that you can in turn rely on your vehicle to be there for you. You do not want your parent to miss a doctor's appointment or your child to be stranded at an after school activity because your vehicle will not start or has broken down. While all vehicles are vulnerable to problems, it is important to look for a vehicle that is easier to care for and has a reputation of being durable.

One of the most valuable services offered by home care is safe and reliable transportation. This transportation means that your aging loved one can rely on an in-home senior care services provider to be there when they need them to help them get to the places that they need and want to go. Running errands such as going to the grocery store and getting involved in more social events throughout the community helps your parent to maintain a greater sense of independence and autonomy, as well as offering them valuable social interaction that will boost their mental and emotional health as they age in place.

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