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Are There Times that You Should Say No to Help from Others?

By Ketan Shah

Elderly Care in Los Altos CA

Being a family caregiver can be tricky at times. You may need quite a bit of help, but not all of those offers are ones that are best for you and your loved one. It's a good idea to assess each offer and make sure that it fits in with your needs.

In General, Go with Yes

Family caregivers pretty much always need some extra help and it doesn't hurt to accept the offers that you get. For the most part, people offering help to you mean what they're saying and they're being open and generous with their time or resources. Also, you don't want to wait until you're in a pickle to start saying yes to offers of help.

Assess the Offer

That said, it's wise to assess the offer of help that you're being given. In some cases, the person offering help may want something in return that you just can't provide. There may be demands on your time or there may be other issues involved. If you feel that there are strings attached, then it may not be the right time or offer of help.

Be Polite if You Have to Say No

If you do decide that you need to turn down an offer of help, be as polite as you can. Just because this particular offer of help wasn't right for you right now, that doesn't mean that you won't ever be able to accept a similar offer. Avoid burning bridges and let the person know that you're open to future offers of help.

Keep Backup Options in Mind

There are always other methods of getting help, whether that's from family members who aren't in need of anything in return or elderly care providers who can step in on short notice. Make sure that you have some of these types of backup options available so that you don't feel forced to accept help that you're concerned may have strings attached.

Only you know for sure if an offer of help is right for you and your elderly loved one. That said, caregivers need all the help that they can get, so be open to offers of help.

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