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How Can You Manage a Caregiving Team from Afar?

By Ketan Shah

When you live far away from an aging family member, you may suddenly find that you are needed in order to manage her care from where you are. Developing a team of people who are there with her can help you to be an effective caregiver, even from your location.

Work out What Help Your Senior Needs Most

Before you can truly establish the best care plan for your aging adult, you need to know what she needs. Talk with your elderly family member, if possible, about what she needs most. Also make time to talk to all of the medical professionals that work with your senior as well as any family members who do live in the area. This helps you get a fuller picture of what your senior needs.

Build a Team You Can Count On

Once you know what your aging adult needs, you can start to put people in place who can meet those needs. Friends and family members who live in the area may not be able to manage all of her care, but they may be able to run errands occasionally, drop meals off, or help in other small ways. To fill in the gaps, you may want to consider hiring home care providers who can report to you on what else is still needed.

Determine Who Can Do What

Establishing roles helps you to keep track of who is willing and able to do what for your aging adult. Some of the people on your elderly family member's care team may have more time available to devote to helping out. They may be able to do light housekeeping chores, yard work, or even just visit with your elderly family member to help keep her from feeling lonely. Everyone has different skills and abilities.

Keep Lists and Notes

Organization on your part is extremely important. As a long-distance caregiver, you're not able to be there in person as much as you want, so it's vital to know who is doing what. This is why keeping notes, lists, and as much other information as possible helps you to make the decisions you need to make from your location.

Remember that being a long-distance family caregiver often involves making and adjusting plans in order to keep meeting your senior's changing needs.

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