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Fun Activities That Connect Generations During the Holidays

By Ketan Shah

Family gatherings are usually a mix of generations. Your family likely has grandparents and parents, teens and preteens, and toddlers and infants. Here are some fun activities that connect all of these generations together for holiday fun.

Make Cookies in Assembly Lines

Families love doing holiday cookies. With an assembly line set-up, everyone can do their part. Look for recipes were one cookie dough recipe makes different types of cookies. For example, a plain butter cookie recipe can be used to make thumbprint cookies, iced cookies, candy cane cookies, bar cookies, and more.

Consider what each age group is good at. Little children can help the adults use mixers or knead the dough. You could have teens rolling out the dough and cutting it into shapes or forming strands to weave into wreaths or candy canes. Little kids could use their thumb to make a thumbprint and fill it with jam.

Adults can put the cookies in the oven and move them to wire racks to set after baking. Teens and adults can do the icing. Younger children can do the sprinkles and candy decorations.

Introduce a Family Board Game Each Year

For the holiday season, someone can buy a new game or two and bring them to the holiday gathering. You can switch who gets the new games each year so that all families get a chance to introduce something new.

Make sure the game is going to fit with the ages. This is why two games may be better. Everyone can play the children's game first. When children tire out and nap, teens and adults can play a more adult game. Trivia games are a good idea because you can form teams of mixed ages.

Have a Movie Afternoon

Get a few movies from different eras. You could get a holiday classic from your parents' youth, a movie you grew up with, and a newer movie the kids enjoy. Make some popcorn, grab some pillows and blankets, and watch movies all afternoon.

As you watch the movies, your kids can ask questions about if it was really like that decades ago. It's a great way to share family histories and create new memories for your children.

What About the Rest of the Year?

What happens when it's not the holiday season? Are relatives able to stop by and spend time with your parents? It's common for families to be spread out across the country. If your parents don't have many friends in the area, they may feel lonely. There are ways to prevent this.

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