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When Is it Time for Your Senior to Move?

By Ketan Shah

At some point, your elderly family member may need to live in a different situation than alone in her own home. There may be medical or personal reasons for this and if it's her idea, you might see a more positive response from her.

Her Doctor Recommends It

The biggest indication that your senior needs to think about moving is if her doctor makes the suggestion. Her doctor is most likely to make this recommendation if your elderly family member's health is becoming such that living on her own just isn't safe or reasonable for her. Make sure that you let your elderly family member's doctor know if you have concerns about her living alone. From there you can talk about what signs and signals you should watch for as you care for her.

She Needs a Lot More Care

If your elderly family member already needs a great deal more care than she's getting, that can be a big sign that it's time to think about a new arrangement. Hiring senior care providers to take shifts when you can't be with your elderly family member can help quite a bit. But if you don't live with your aging adult, you may find it stressful to have to travel to get to your senior as often as you need to be there.

She's Not Safe at Home

Home safety is another huge red flag for knowing that it's time for your senior to move from her home. If the home needs a great deal of maintenance or repair, then it's possibly not safe on a structural level. Some homes may require a great deal of adjustments in order to accommodate your senior's particular needs. In those cases, moving may be much more cost effective for her as well as easier.

She Wants to Change Her Living Situation

It may simply be time for your senior family member to live in another location. Perhaps she has expressed to you that she wants to do this or she's mentioned that she doesn't want to live on her own. Regardless, if your elderly family member is making this choice on her own, it's going to be a far easier transition for her to adjust to as it occurs.

There's no magic formula for knowing when it's time for your elderly family member to change her living situation. But you and she may be able to work out a time that is right for her so that you can make it happen in the easiest way possible.

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