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What Physical Challenges Can Cause Your Senior to Need More Help?

By Ketan Shah

Some of the physical challenges your senior faces over time are manageable for her. Unfortunately, they can quickly change, leaving her more in need of your help and support than ever before. Here are some of the ways that these situations can change.

Mobility Problems

Getting around easily, both at home and out and about, is something that can change for your elderly family member. When that happens, she may need assistance with devices such as walkers and scooters. At home, she might be reluctant to use those sorts of tools and rely more on your help or on the help of others to get around safely. Removing clutter and installing safety tools such as grab bars can greatly help with these sorts of concerns.

Difficulty with Transportation

Mobility problems can translate to other areas, too. Your senior may find that it's more physically difficult to drive on her own and that can be a big problem. She may start to stay home more often for fear that she might not be able to go where she needs to go easily. Having other transportation options can help her quite a bit with this issue and may even inspire her to get out and about more often.

Incontinence Issues

Problems with urinary incontinence may turn into bigger issues for your elderly family member over time. She might find it difficult to manage getting to the bathroom in time. She may also have issues in managing her clothing, cleaning up and changing after an incident, and other issues associated with incontinence. The more help that you can offer during these times, the less likely your senior is to be embarrassed about what's happening.

Other Health Problems

Some of your aging adult's other health issues, such as arthritis, can contribute to these and other problems. As those health issues worsen, they can create situations that are more difficult for your elderly family member to handle in the ways that she's managed them before. That's why having help from you, other family members, and home care providers can be so very beneficial for her.

When you can't be there for your aging adult, consider hiring elder care providers. They have experience heling seniors and their caregivers learn to manage these types of challenges. Elder care providers can even show you how to safely help your elderly family member so that you don't run the risk of injuring yourself.

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