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The Emotional Impact of a Fall on Your Senior

By Ketan Shah

Experiencing even a small fall can be incredibly traumatic for your aging adult. Regardless of whether she gets injured or not, your elderly family member might react in ways that neither you nor she expect.

She Might Be Afraid of Another Fall

Once your senior has experienced a fall it's no longer some ambiguous situation that could occur sometime in the future. Now it's happened and she has a very solid impression of how that feels and what sort of effect that has on her physical well-being. The idea of another fall can be absolutely terrifying, especially if your senior injured herself during this first fall.

Her Mobility Might Be Hampered

Injuries from a fall definitely create a mobility problem for your aging adult, but her movements might be hampered by uncertainty, too. She might start to watch her feet when she's walking instead of looking at what's around her. Or your senior might start to hold onto everything around her, whether that item is stable or not. Worse still, your elderly family member might put off biological necessities, like getting up to go to the bathroom, because she's afraid to move.

She Might not Venture out Anymore

Because of fear and hampered mobility, your senior may stop venturing out to go much of anywhere. She may stay at home more which can present a variety of problems. Eventually, the fridge and pantry need restocking, she may not get her prescriptions refilled on time, and other errands may fall by the wayside. This can make a relatively small problem a much bigger one.

Socializing Becomes More Difficult

But it's not just errands that get ignored. When your senior isn't leaving the house much, she's likely also not socializing with other people like she used to do. This can cause isolation, especially if she's hiding the fact that she's not comfortable being out and about like she used to. Having friends stop by can help, but you'll still need to deal with the underlying fear she's experiencing.

Once you realize the impact that a previous fall can have on your elderly family member, you can do something to combat it. Talk with your aging family member about how she's feeling and what you can do to help her. Senior care providers can be instrumental in helping you both to find solutions that improve her quality of life and help to keep her safe.

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