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Four Tips That Help Your Mom Adjust to a New Caregiver

By Ketan Shah

Your mom needs home care services or her caregiver is leaving. She's about to work with a new caregiver. You're worried about her adjustment to the change. Make it easier for her by implementing these four tips.

Involve Your Mom in Planning

Involve your mom in all stages of planning. If she needs a new caregiver, let her ask the home care agency questions. If it's possible to interview the caregivers she'll work with, let her lead the interview. If she knows she was involved, she's more likely to be comfortable with the change.

Walk Through the Transition in Advance

Go through what is going to happen during the transition. Let her talk to her new caregivers if it's possible. Getting to meet them in advance can help ease anxiety. Talk to the home care agency and see if your mom can stop by and meet the caregivers in advance of their first day.

Understand Her Fear

Never scold your mom for being scared. Making her feel ashamed is not a solution. Her response may be to stop telling you about the things she finds worrisome.

Think back to your fears with a new babysitter, new teacher, or new classmates. You were scared of the unknown. Your mom is experiencing the same. Be understanding and tell her you get it. Let her talk openly and address her concerns about new caregivers to help ease those fears.

Be There for the First Week

If you are currently your mom's carer or another family member is, arrange to be there for the first week. You don't have to be there for each hour the new caregivers are there, but you should be for some of them.

Be there to let the new caregiver in. Answer questions when needed. Don't interfere in the care, however. Let the caregiver work with your mom. Be prepared to step in if your mom's anxiety gets the best of her or she's being difficult and refusing to cooperate.

As your mom adjusts to her new caregivers, leave the home to run errands. Make these trips take longer as the days pass. When your mom doesn't notice you left, it's a good time to let the caregiver take over.

Call a home care agency to make arrangements for new caregivers. Keep a list of your mom's questions and have her nearby when you make the call. These four tips will help her transition from one caregiver to another without a lot of difficulty.

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