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Do You Need to Talk to Your Senior about Driving?

By Ketan Shah

You and your senior might not want to talk about her driving, but you can’t put that talk off forever. At some point you’re going to need to have a conversation about when your senior needs to stop driving.

Show up Prepared

You do not want to go into this conversation unprepared. Make sure that when you open this door, you’ve got all your ducks in a row. You need to already have an idea what’s going on with your senior’s driving and have evidence to back up your concerns. This can feel like you’re spying on your senior, but what you’re really trying to do is to assess what’s going on.

Think Before You Speak

This is a difficult conversation, without a doubt. If you slip into this talk without preparing your words and being aware of what you’re going to say, you might accidentally say something you regret. This is an important topic for your senior, because it involves her independence and her sense of self. If you treat this talk with less than the respect it deserves, it won’t go the way you expect.

Don’t Expect Immediate Changes

The changes you want to happen won’t necessarily happen all at once. You might find that your senior needs and wants time to taper off her driving. As long as it’s safe for her to do that, you might want to honor that request.

Prepare to Compromise

Along that same vein, you might need to make some other compromises along the way. Your senior might be open to not driving during certain circumstances, like when the weather is bad, but she might cling to the right to drive at other times. You need to determine how much you’re willing to accept before you go into this talk.

Bring Alternative Options

It’s also really important to show up with answers, not just problems. Your senior’s life doesn’t slow down just because you want her to stop driving. Hiring senior care providers to drive for her can give your senior the flexibility that she needs as well as the ability to arrive safely wherever she needs to go. They can also stand in for her if the weather gets bad and she needs someone else to drive.

Remember that as much as you don’t want to talk about your senior’s driving, neither does she. There might be a lot of different reasons for that, but remember this conversation is tough for her, too.

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