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Scoping out How Your Senior Is Really Doing

By Ketan Shah

It’s not always easy to know how your senior is doing, especially if you’re not officially taking care of her. These areas of concern can help you to understand how she’s doing and when you might need to step in.

Check How Active She Is in General

Your senior is more likely do be doing well if she’s still active and alert. Even if your senior is slowing down a little, you should be able to determine whether she’s still doing a good bit. Talk to her about how she’s feeling about her current activity levels to get an idea what she has to say.

Hobbies Can Mean She’s Engaged

Hobbies are a great way for your senior to work out her brain and her body. It’s also a good way for her to stay active. Hobbies can also keep her connected and engaged with her life, especially if they’re hobbies that she really loves.

Friends and Acquaintances Mean Socializing

A big part of keeping your senior healthy and happy is to keep her from feeling isolated and alone. This means that your senior is still talking to and meeting up with friends and acquaintances. She might see them at the local senior center or they might come to visit her periodically. Regardless of how she meets up with them, it’s vital that she is in fact still engaging with other people.

An Emergency Plan Is a Good Idea

Whether your senior lives in an area where natural disasters are common or not, she needs to have an emergency plan. This gives her information about where to go if she needs emergency shelter and what to do if she’s displaced from her home. Work with her to put a good emergency plan together if she doesn’t have one.

Verify She Has Other Tools and Resources

Your senior might have access to some tools already that make her life easier and safer. Some of those might be a personal alarm system or a home alarm system. She might find that having some of these different tools help her to feel more secure at home. Giving them a try might be an idea to consider.

Once you have a fuller idea how your senior is doing, you can work with her to offer solutions that can help. For instance, elderly care providers can take over tasks that have become too difficult while still allowing your senior to be as independent as ever.

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