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Eight Ways In-home Care Can Support Heart Health At Every Phase

Heart disease affects 85.6 million Americans and continues to be the number one cause of death in the U.S. – more than all types of cancer combined. It’s the leading cause of disability, constrained activity, and diminished quality of life. Managing this condition may require assistance with everyday activities. From diet to exercise, having a support network can help you do what’s best for your heart.

This is where Home Helpers® Home Care can make life easier. We provide a customized approach to heart disease at every phase – from prevention and recovery to ongoing condition management.

Here are eight ways our in-home care services can be your integral partner in care:

  1. PERSONAL CARE – Personal care services include light housekeeping, errand running, companionship, and more. Our Caregivers focus on keeping clients active and contributing to their daily living activities as long as possible.
  1. HYGIENE CARE – During recovery and after, the ability to care for one’s hygiene can be a growing challenge, especially as mobility changes. Our team happily assists, preserving dignity while providing support.
  1. MEDICATION REMINDERS – Our team can provide reminders to take needed medication either while onsite or as a phone call and as many times as needed. Medication adherence improves the quality of life and reduces unnecessary visits to the emergency room.
  1. 24-HOUR MONITORING – Home Helpers offers Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care, the world’s most advanced voice-activated medical alert and communication system. This technology helps you stay safe and connected at home and on the go.
  1. NUTRITION – Whether managing diet to prevent heart issues or helping a client through changes in meal preparation post-diagnosis, our Caregivers help with meal planning, shopping, and cooking. Our team happily supports clients by making their favorite foods and assisting with modifications to recipes to manage health. We also offer a line of ready-to-eat options specially designed for the nutritional needs of seniors with heart health concerns.
  1. DISCHARGE SUPPORT – Clients returning from hospital or short-term nursing facilities require additional support as they return home. Home Helpers can pick up the client upon discharge, obtain needed prescriptions, run errands, prepare the home, and cook meals, making the transition back home easy. We even assist with follow-up appointments and therapy visits.
  1. WELLNESS CALLS – Wellness calls are a regular direct line of communication to ensure individuals have what they need and are supported. These can range from a call to say hello and check in to provide important reminders for medication, hydration, nutrition, and upcoming appointments.
  1. MENTAL HEALTH & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Getting out for a ride, a meal, listening to music, or partaking in an activity the client enjoys, you name it. Being active improves mental health. Companionship during these activities also adds to their enjoyment. As part of our in-home consultation, we will uncover what is most enjoyed by the client and match Caregivers with similar interests to ensure an exceptional experience.

Aging can cause changes in your heart health, which may require specialized care. Whatever your care plan requires, Home Helpers® Home Care is here to be a trusted partner in your heart health journey, with a team of compassionate professionals supporting you every step of the way.

Our services and Care Plans are customizable, so you receive just the right amount of care and can be adjusted as needs change.



Round-the-Clock Care for Your Loved Ones

Home Helpers® Cared-4 program covers every need to keep someone independent and comfortable at home. Our services include Personal Care & Companionship, Nutrition and Well-Being, Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring and Wellness Calls.