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Congratulations to the 2018 Exceptional Caregiver Regional Winners!

5 caregivers have been selected as Regional Winners for the 2018 Exceptional Caregiver Awards. Thanks to everyone who nominated a caregiver for the 2018 award! We appreciate the terrific work being done by caregivers all around the country, and making it to the Top 5 out of more than 450+ nominations is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations to all of our nominees and this year’s Regional Winners!

Jeff H – Home Helpers Central PA

Brenda P - Home Helpers North Central Texas

Timothy F - Home Helpers Denver

Rhonda R. - Home Helpers Southeastern Wisconsin

Craig B - Home Helpers Jacksonville

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The 5 Regional Winners selected from this group include:


Jeff Householder of Altoona, PA Franchise Owner Lynn Gardini

Working at Home Helpers of Central PA, Jeff Householder is a beloved “Mr. Fix-It” who is not only adept at fixing motors and mechanical objects, but also volatile situations that, left unattended, could spiral out of control.

Brenda Powell of Coriscana, TX Franchise Owners Mark & Lori Thommarson

A woman of great faith, Brenda Powell’s concern for all living beings extends beyond just the person she is assigned to as a Caregiver. She graciously cares for an entire family—mother, father and disabled son—and will load the entire family into the van to take them to run errands, shop for groceries and go to doctor’s appointments. She’s also been known to work with the family in their garden and give the dogs a bath, as well as help with housekeeping and performing personal tasks.

Timothy Fiedler of Denver, CO Franchise Owner Rick Cseak

“Tim is a true example of how the younger generation has star power,” said Rick. “Tim truly exemplifies the heart and soul of a Home Helpers Caregiver and we are proud to have him on our team here in Denver.”

Rhonda Robers of Burlington, WI Franchise Owner Aaron Nelson

Rhonda Robers is the complete Caregiver. She’s well-trained, with at least 26 certifications, plus she has the personality, experience, dedication and the intangibles it takes to help others in every conceivable way. In addition, she’s reliable and trustworthy, which gives family members additional peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for properly. 

Craig Burt of Jacksonville, AL Franchise Owner Kim McCutcheon 

While there is plenty of negativity and despair in the news every day, there’s also an endless amount of good taking place in the world that no one ever hears about. And after reading the nomination for someone extraordinary like Craig Burt, I’m so thankful that this family member of a Home Helpers client took the time to share this story

Congratulations to Hannah Jacques, Our 2017 Exceptional Caregiver of the Year!

Hannah Jacques was named the 2017 Home Helpers Exceptional Caregiver of the Year at the organization’s national conference in San Diego. Hannah’s clients mention that she truly listens to them and is able to anticipate their needs. She finds this more of a calling than a job and is always certain to emphasize the “care” in caregiving. Also a finalist for the 2016 Exceptional Caregiver Awards, Hannah is very deserving of this honor for 2017. See below to learn more about her story.

Nine other finalists joined Hannah at the national conference. Check out their videos below and know that each Home Helpers office is committed to always providing exceptional care through  exceptional caregivers.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a caregiver! We look forward to discovering more stories of exceptional care as we accept nominations for the 2018 Exceptional Caregiver of the Year, which will be awarded at the Home Helpers national conference in Charleston, SC next May.


Every day, the in-home caregivers at Home Helpers help the elderly and their families cope with the challenges of health issues and aging. The Exceptional Caregiver Awards showcase some of the best in-home aides from all over the country. 

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