Kanesha W.

How long have you been with Home Helpers? 

I have been with Home Helpers since April 2018.

What is your background? 

I am from Anniston, Alabama. I was born in Memphis, TN. I have been a certified nursing assistant for two years, but I have over seven years of experience in caregiving with my grandparents. 

Why do you like working for Home Helpers?

It’s about family. I love that God is in the business. your’re able to connect with your patient and understand their needs and wants. It’s very different than a nursing home.   

What do you enjoy most about being a caregiver? 

I love being able to help those in need and actually care and appreciate being a caregiver.   

I felt like I made a difference in someone’s life when...

I accepted my career in caregiving and showing clients I care. 

When you are not caregiving, what do you enjoy most?

I spending time with my children and traveling.   

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why? 

I would like my superpower to be mind reading. If I could know ahead of time what someone is thinking, I’ll already have my response and action.