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Recognizing the Signs of Caregiver Burnout

By Jeffrey Stoker

When you become a caregiver it's inevitable that you'll occasionally feel stressed or overwhelmed. These emotions can lead to caregiver burnout if left unaddressed. Some of the common signs of caregiver stress are:

Feeling tired and run down
Having a difficult time concentrating and/or sleeping
Feeling anxious, depressed, or irritated
New or increasing health issues
Feelings of growing resentment
Eating, smoking, or drinking more
Indifference to responsibilities
Decreased time spent on leisure activities
Overreacting to minor inconveniences

Unresolved, these symptoms build and increase. The symptoms of Caregiver burnout are: 

Decreased energy
Feeling exhausted even after sleeping
Weakened immune system, catching colds and the flu more often than normal
Neglecting your needs because you're too busy or no longer care
Experiencing feelings of being helpless and hopeless
Unable to relax, even when you have help

It's so important to recognize these signs and symptoms and to find ways to relieve the stresses of caregiving so that you can continue to live a healthy and happy lifestyle while providing quality, compassionate care to those you serve.