Our staff offers the caring attitude you look for when choosing a Philadelphia home care service. We’re a locally owned and operated home care agency that strives to provide high-quality care for our clients.

Welcome To Our Family

Hello, my name is Ralph Digneo. The Digneo Family have been active members within the South Philadelphia community for over fifty years. Since establishing our roots in the area, our finger has been on the pulse of what is needed in our very own backyard. As we watched our own family age and grow we realized that our family’s needs changed as well. The more the dynamics of my family changed over the years; the more I began to see how many families could appreciate a helpful hand. It quickly became apparent that the demand for non-medical home services was growing in our life as well as most of the families around us as well. In the Spring of 2007, I opened Home Helpers, in an effort to provide Seniors, New Moms, Working Parents, Recovering Patients, and/or Continuing Care services to our community.

Home Helpers is a family owned and operated business that I opened in an effort to provide some relief to other families. We have made difficult decisions concerning care for our aging family members and want to assist you with your decisions. Our family’s experiences were an inspiration to us and we want to work toward helping other families cope with the aging adults in their life that they care for. It is our hope that through the Direct Link and the Home Helpers programs these decisions will be a little easier to make. Our services provide a piece of mind for you and allow your family to enjoy the remaining years with your aging family members.

Additionally, our services are not just directed at the elderly within our community. Through our experiences we have also realized that not only do families need help in caring for their aging family members but, becoming a new parent can be equally challenging as well. Becoming a new parent is demanding enough, add to that maintaining your home, and it can be extremely frustrating for a new parent. Our services can help the professional families that are trying to meet the challenges of raising infants and toddlers by providing a much needed extra pair of hands around the house during difficult pregancies and bringing the new baby home.

Our staff will match a bonded caregiver with a client using state of the art software along with our own personal touch. We want to ensure that all of your family’s needs are met, and your experience with Home Helpers is positive. Ultimately, we want you and your family member to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a familiar place.

  Ralph J. Digneo - President & CEO
 Ralph, along with his wife Donna and 3 daughters; Jennifer, Andrea, and Stephanie, has been active in the South Philadelphia community his entire life.  He graduated from Bishop Neumann High School in 1968.  In 1973, he graduated from St. Joseph’s University where he earned a B.S. in Marketing while working full time as a Social Worker for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In 1980, he founded the Center City Pretzel Company where he developed an award winning pretzel recipe.  In 1999, Ralph launched Little Bit of Philly, a website dedicated to shipping his award winning pretzels to displaced Philadelphians through out the country.  Through Ralph’s efforts, Center City Pretzels became a fixture within the South Philadelphia community, often donating his time and money to both Saint John Neumann and Saint Maria Goretti High Schools until his retirement in 2004.

In 2007 Ralph decided to end his retirement after seeing first hand the inadequate care his mother-in-law received when she became sick.  After researching the home healthcare industry, Ralph along with his daughters, Jennifer and Andrea, partnered with the #1 Rated in-home care company in the country, Home Helpers, to provide the type in home care to other families that was not provided to his family in their time of need.

In addition to his involvement within the South Philadelphia Community, Ralph was a Football official for over 25 years and served as President of the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials (E.A.I.F.O), the Philadelphia Central Board, and the Association of Registered Conference Officials (A.R.C.O).  Currently, Ralph is an active member of the National Public Duty association, the Delaware Valley Home Helpers Co-Op, and the South Philadelphia Business Association.