2019 Home Helpers CEO Award Winner

Michael Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez never quit when things got tough. Looking back, you might say that the only thing he did right at the beginning was to hire his Mom. But when he saw things weren’t working how he thought they would, he took a step back. He took an honest inventory of everything he did, evaluated what he did best and outsourced the things he didn’t feel comfortable doing.

The results since then have been AMAZING. While completely redesigning the structure of his business, Michael’s results grew an incredible 53% in 2017, then another 23% in 2018! His fellow owners in the Chicago area noticed, too, and chose him to serve as President of the Chicagoland Co-Op.

It’s a real joy to honor someone who is recognized by both his peers and company leadership as a person who is a great brand ambassador, we are so lucky to know and represents the Home Helpers brand.