2019 Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner

George & Patricia Jones

Truly beloved at home, Patricia and George Jones have personally donated more than $100,000 to Senior Concerns, a non-profit organizations that provides affordable high-quality support services to area seniors and their families that include a meals-on-wheels program, a thrift store, various educational and informational resources and, of course, Caregiver support. 

George and Patricia have also helped raise more than $20 million for various local charities since 1979. These organizations range from youth groups, to senior support services to the arts. All of this is in addition to operating Home Helpers of Thousand Oaks. Their profound community involvement illustrates the depth of their commitment to seniors. 

The Home Helpers Spirit of Adam Brown award is an appropriate representation of the love we have for this wonderful couple and all the work they do to make their community, Home Helpers and the world a better place.