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In-Home Caregivers Kingston, PA

When your family member needs assistance at home, finding the right care can be challenging. At Home Helpers Home Care of Scranton Wilkes-Barre, we provide families like yours with compassionate in-home caregivers in Kingston, PA. With a legacy that spans over two decades, our commitment to providing comprehensive in-home care in your community remains unwavering.

Our Kingston-based professionals are skilled in a range of services that cater to the unique needs of each elderly individual. From helping with daily life activities to offering companionship and specialized attention for conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia, our approach is tailored and thorough.

Learn more about our bespoke in-home caregiver services in Kingston and how we can address the specific needs of your loved one.

Get Skilled In-Home Care with Home Helpers of Scranton Wilkes-Barre

We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being and independence of the elderly in their own familiar surroundings. Every member of our Kingston team is carefully chosen through a comprehensive screening process. This step is crucial to ensure not only their competence but also their integrity and reliability. Part of this rigorous selection includes conducting in-depth background checks – a practice we consider essential to build a team you can trust in your community.

Known for forging sincere relationships with our clients, our senior caregivers stand out because of our commitment to personalized care plans. By focusing on the individual needs of each senior, we guarantee care that is not just effective but also respectful and attuned to the unique preferences and requirements of every client.

Available In-Home Care & Companionship Services

At Home Helpers Home Care, we offer a diverse range of home care services designed to support seniors who require assistance with daily tasks while also boosting emotional well-being and morale. We work closely with you and your family members to create a personalized care plan that caters to their specific requirements and preferences.

Here's an overview of the high-quality care services we provide:

Personal Care

We customize our personal care services are to meet the needs of each individual we work with. Our caregivers always approach sensitive tasks such as bathing, grooming, toileting, and dressing with the utmost compassion, respect, and professionalism..

Recognizing and respecting the unique preferences and comfort levels of each senior, particularly when it comes to personal hygiene and grooming, is a fundamental aspect of our service. Additionally, we prioritize safe assistance with mobility and transfers, all with the aim of preserving your loved one's sense of independence.

Companion Care

For some seniors, growing old can make it more difficult to maintain regular social interactions, which can make the likelihood of loneliness and even depression higher. To combat the challenges that make it difficult for your loved one to get out and socialize, we provide emotional support through companion care services. Whether your loved one enjoys heartfelt conversations, pursuing hobbies, leisurely walks, or anything else, our caregivers are committed to ensuring they fully relish these activities.

Homemaker Services

At Home Helpers, homemaker services are about more than just tidying your loved one’s home; we focus on creating an environment that is comfortable, clean, and, most importantly, safe. Clutter and unsanitary conditions can increase the risk of tripping and jeopardize your loved one’s physical and mental health.

Our dedicated team takes on a wide range of responsibilities, including laundry, bed linen changes, dishwashing, housekeeping, decluttering, trash removal, dusting, vacuuming, grocery shopping, running errands, transportation, and much more. Beyond chores, our caregivers are ready to provide any additional support that contributes to your loved one's well-being at home.

24-Hour & Live-In Caregiver Services

If your loved one needs assistance that goes beyond just visits, our around-the-clock care offers the care they need and peace of mind for your family. In some cases, seniors with complex needs or advanced health conditions benefit from having a professional caregiver in their home at all times. Depending on your family's preferences and your loved one's needs, we offer two distinct options for around-the-clock care.

​​Our 24-hour home care involves a dedicated team of caregivers working in shifts, guaranteeing continuous assistance day and night. On the other hand, live-in care entails a primary caregiver residing in the home, offering a more consistent presence. If your family would prefer live in care, live-in care, it requires a separate living space for the caregiver and sufficient rest time.

Wake-Up & Tuck-In Services

Many of the seniors in our care only need assistance with their morning and nighttime routine, which is why we also offer wake-up and tuck-in services. Under our care, your loved one’s day will begin with help getting out of bed, medication reminders, and assistance with any grooming or meal preparation.

At the end of the day, your loved one’s caregiver will help them with any nightly routine they prefer. We also take great care in assuring your loved one’s home is safe and secure for the night, checking that all doors are locked, lights and appliances are turned off, and security alarms are set.

Skilled Home Care Services in Kingston

From Alzheimer's and stroke to developmental disabilities and hospice support, our highly trained caregivers provide specialized senior care that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Our comprehensive approach encompasses personalized activities and therapy, medication management, dedicated personal assistance, companionship and more to assist individuals with more complex health conditions.

Discover more about how we go the extra mile to meet the distinct needs of your family member below:

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

At Home Helpers, our caregivers stay up to date on all of the latest methods and techniques for providing home health care to individuals with memory loss conditions. We continuously adapt our care services to the changing needs of each individual so that your senior loved one always receives the top-notch, tailored support they need.

Our Alzheimer's and dementia care focuses on implementing scientifically backed care strategies like establishing stable routines, offering gentle redirection, and exploring innovative avenues of connection. Our collaborative partnership with families ensures the development of personalized care plans, resulting in enriching and respectful daily experiences for your loved ones.

Recuperative Care

We are committed to supporting a healthy and efficient recovery journey whether it be from injury, surgery, or illness. Our services encompass a broad range of assistance, including managing medications, assisting with mobility and exercise, providing transportation to medical appointments, and crafting nutritious meals that adhere to specific dietary needs.

Our approach to recuperative care in Kingston also includes running errands, encouraging social engagement with loved ones, and addressing various other personal care requirements. We aim to foster independence and resilience in our clients, all within the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Stroke Recovery Care

Our stroke recovery care focuses on improving mobility, strength, and daily activity management. Our caregivers are specifically trained to offer guidance in targeted exercises and stretches, enhancing the range of motion and providing essential support in activities like transferring and ambulating within the home environment.

We adapt our care to each stage, focusing on detailed aspects such as regular reminders for speech therapy exercises, careful medication management, and gradual encouragement in rekindling hobbies and personal interests. This approach ensures a supportive recovery experience for stroke survivors.

Developmental/Intellectual Challenges

We offer care services designed for adults with developmental disabilities, adapting to the distinct needs of those with conditions like Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and cerebral palsy. We focus on aligning our support with the individual capabilities and requirements of each person.

At Home Helpers, we prioritize effective communication, safety, and promoting independence both in the home and community environments. Our comprehensive care plan covers a range of services from personal care to daily living assistance and companionship, all tailored to enrich the lives of your loved ones.

Respite Care

Understanding the challenges and demands of taking care of a loved one, we offer respite care services to give family caregivers the much-needed breaks they deserve. Our professional respite caregivers are equipped to step in effortlessly, offering a range of services to maintain the same level of care you provide.

Our respite care provides an opportunity for primary caregivers to recharge, attend to their own needs, and take time for personal pursuits. This essential break ensures they can return to their caregiving role with renewed vigor and a fresh perspective.

Hospice Support Caregivers

Our hospice care professionals are deeply committed to delivering respectful and empathetic care for families during this difficult period. We work in close partnership with the medical professionals and hospice teams involved in your loved one's care, ensuring strict adherence to the established care plans.

We provide comprehensive support, including assistance with daily personal tasks, timely medication reminders, help with mobility, and engaging in meaningful activities that offer companionship. Each element of our service is carefully designed to maintain dignity and provide comfort throughout the terminal illness journey.

Wellness Call Services We Offer

Our team offers an innovative wellness call service for families and seniors who require support without the need for an in-person home health aide visit. These calls offer much more than simple reminders; they are a source of friendly interaction and daily check-ins. In each call, we engage in heartfelt conversations, offer reminders for medications and meals, encourage hydration, and suggest light exercises, among other supportive interactions.

In cases where a call is not answered, we have a follow-up protocol tailored to your family's preferences. We can reach out to family members via phone or email to inform them if their loved one missed a wellness call.

Vital Signs Monitoring

With specialized training in health monitoring, our caregivers diligently track and record key vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature. Our approach to caregiving places a strong emphasis on the regular assessment of vital signs, a practice that is particularly essential for clients with chronic health issues.

This diligent monitoring helps in quickly detecting and responding to any unusual changes or anomalies in health indicators.

In-Home Well-Being & Nutrition Services for Kingston Residents

Our caregivers do more than just prepare meals; they assist your loved one in preserving the familiar routine of cooking in their own kitchen. We provide support with meal planning, preparation, and cooking, always aiming to strike the right balance between providing help and fostering independence.

For times when cooking is not feasible, we ensure our seniors still enjoy the benefits of a nutritious meal. Our meal delivery service offers a convenient solution, bringing delicious and well-balanced meals directly to our clients, ensuring they never miss the joy and nourishment of a good meal.

Meal Preparation

We believe that a well-balanced diet is fundamental to improving life's quality. For us, every meal is an opportunity to create a moment of joy and comfort, crafted with the warmth of a home-cooked experience. Our caregivers combine health benefits with ensuring that each meal is filled with flavors they love and memories they cherish.

Meal Delivery

Recognizing the importance of adaptability and ease in daily routines, Silver Cuisine, our meal delivery option, presents an ideal choice for times when meal preparation is challenging. This service thoughtfully delivers tasty, prepared meals directly to seniors' residences, enabling them to maintain a nutritious diet effortlessly.

Call Home Helpers of Scranton Wilkes-Barre to Talk with a Caregiver Today

If your loved one prefers the comfort of home over an assisted living facility, our team is here to help. Starting your journey with Home Helpers is anchored in open communication and collaborative effort between our team and your family.

We make sure to match the best caregiver to your family member’s personality and lifestyle and emphasize building a strong, understanding relationship from the outset, ensuring that your needs and preferences are at the forefront of the care we provide. Engaging with us means becoming part of a community that values and respects your unique family dynamics and care requirements.

Contact us today to schedule an initial call to discuss your loved one’s needs.

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Initial Call

Your journey with us starts with an in-depth phone consultation. During this conversation, we'll learn about your loved one's health condition, abilities, lifestyle choices, and personal preferences. This information is crucial for us to create a customized care plan that best suits their needs. Additionally, this call gives you the chance to ask any questions and clarify any doubts.

To take the first step in providing the best care for your loved one, contact us today to schedule this vital initial conversation.

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