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Boogie Your Way into a Better Life Style

By Sheryl Dreher, Care Coordinator of Home Helpers of Northwest Metro Denver

Calling all Seniors!! Dance away your depression.

Australian researchers found that men and women with mood disorders that participated in a trial “Tango” instruction class, felt less depressed and experiences significant reductions in levels of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. 

WOW! If you can dance away your stress with a Tango, lets see what other dances can help with!

Salsaing for Strength:  A few weeks of Salsa training can seriously increase an older adult’s strength and balance. 

Soft Shoe Away the Stiffness:  Swap your pain medications for some dancing shoes and alleviate stiffness with the Soft Shoe.  A low-impact dance program will help decrease the amount of pain medication taken for knee and hip discomfort.

Oh..My Beating Heart:  People with stable chronic heart failure may derive some health advantages from leaning how to Waltz as they would from more traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise such as walking or cycling.

Dance Away Dementia with Disco:  Dancing appears to offer the best chance of helping stave off Dementia. Aging adults who danced regularly had a 76% reduced risk for developing Dementia. Dancing is beneficial for our brains because it combines cardiovascular exercise with split-second decision making that taxes our neural network, forcing it to create new pathways.

Cancer, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease: What do all these conditions have in common? The don’t stop you from dancing. So, consider this your official permission to get out there and get you’re Groove On!!