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Nutrition Needs Change as We Age

By Gretchen Ellsmore: Community Blogger

No matter our age, proper nutrition is important to living a healthy life. Knowing this doesn’t mean we always make the right choice when it comes to eating properly. However, if we don’t eat properly in the early and middle stages of our life, then it’s almost guaranteed there will be health consequences later. The key is to not start bad habits or, if we’re already victim to them, to make a lifestyle change and develop new habits that help us live healthier and simply feel better.


There are different challenges for older adults. First, they need fewer calories because they have a slower metabolism. Secondly, many may now have a chronic condition such as: diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease as a result of poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices earlier in life. This is why it is especially important to pay attention to what seniors eat. It can make a huge difference in keeping them healthy and feeling good.


If you’re concerned if a loved one is not eating properly, one of our Home Helpers® caregivers can help provide the support you need. Our caregivers work with each individual family’s needs to help ensure your loved one is getting the nutrition they need for a better quality of life. At Home Helpers® we can even assist with transportation to and from doctor appointments to make sure they’re getting the nutrition they need for a better quality of life.


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